Control and predictability problems

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Control and predictability problems  Empty Control and predictability problems

Post  Fengsheng02 on Mon Oct 31, 2011 12:07 pm

Control and predictability problems

The full effects of various bioengineering schemes are not well understood. cl05 Matthews et al. Compared bioengineering to a number of previous environmental interventions and concluded that Given our current level of understanding of the climate system, it is 2sj109 likely that the result of at least some bioengineering efforts would follow previous ecological examples where increased human intervention has led to an overall increase in negative environmental consequences. xc2s50 Performance of the systems may become ineffective, unpredictable or unstable as a result of external events, such as volcanic eruptions, phytoplankton blooms, El Nine, solar flares, etc., potentially leading to profound and unpredictable wm8716 disruption to the climate system. It may be difficult to predict the effectiveness of projects,with models of techniques giving widely varying results. In the instances of systems which involve tipping points, this may result in irreversible effects. Climate model zxsc400 ling is far from an exact science even when applied to comparatively well-understood natural climate systems, and it is made more complex by the need to understand novel and unnatural processes which by definition lack relevant observation data.


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