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How to level up fast in Wow Horde? Keep doing quests before grinding until you reach lvl 30. try to gather as many wow gold as possible. At lvl 30 you can toward to Shimmering Flats and do quests as well as grind on basilisks close to the lake until you reach lvl 34. If your lvl is higher you can ahead to Scarlet Monastery, they will assist you grind out and you will reach lvl 40. If your lvl is not higher, look for groups to do it repeatedly. Once you hit lvl 34, Stranglethorn Vale is your next stop. At lvl 36 you can toward to Desolace, you can [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] to enhance your ability, take on whole the kill quests and kill the nagas at the northwest of the small island.

There are great giant in the zone, be cautious to dodge him. For lvl 38-39 you should toward to Badlands and keep grinding on here. once you hit lvl 40, head to the Lethlor Ravine and there you can begin grinding on whelps and also skinning them. If you are lucky, you will find [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and a Tiny Black Whelping that can be sold on the AH for almost one-hundred gold based on your server. When you hit lvl 43, toward to Tanaris and begin grinding on the wastewander pouches.


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