FIFA 15 Common Mistakes

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FIFA 15 Common Mistakes Empty FIFA 15 Common Mistakes

Post  asdfeer1 on Tue Jan 27, 2015 10:31 am

Many new players usually make a common mistake that is attempt and dodge 5 defenders with a single player when moving toward goal. When the box is very crowded, you can find space elsewhere. Find an attacker from behind or kick the ball to the wing and make FIFA 15 coins. When you weave the ball through the whole defense you you will likely have tackled and let the ball moving the other path. Avoid taking unnecessary threats with possession, just take things that the defense is offering you. when they're defending hard, you should [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and run a bit slowly and take the ball up the field using short passes between the midfield and sideline instead of lobbing in deep passes. It's important to take the chances when they arise, also efficiently pass the ball and be patient for holes to lock in the opponent's defense.

Avoid firing shits outside the box, this was very easy and simple for scoring outside the box by using power shots before, however, now the goalkeeper in FIFA 15 gameplay is much cleverer and able to find it coming in. So it's recommended that you wait for a through ball chance or kick the ball out toward the wing.


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