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Wow Fishing Splash Walkthrough Empty Wow Fishing Splash Walkthrough

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Fishing is like channeling a spell and you will want to have [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], counting down from 17 seconds to 0 seconds. A fishing bobber will appear somewhere in the water in front of you, and you'll notice that your character will start channeling the Fishing spell. Move your cursor over the bobber and it will turn into a special fishing cursor. Wait for your bobber to splash, then click it to draw the fishing line in. Depending on the area you're fishing and your fishing skill, you could either catch something useful, or you will catch a junk item like Driftwood. You can use wow cd key and then repeat the whole process by using the Fishing skill again.
The items you can fish up depend on the region you are in the different sub-zones within any given region will usually yield the same fish. There are a few exception to this: for example bodies of fresh water will yield different fish from sea water. Schools of fish also have their own distinct contents. Some locations have distinctive items that you might occasionally fish up. In addition, if your skill level is too low for an area you will receive junk items rather than fish. These junk items are the same for different regions; you will want to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and catch the same junk in Feralas that you caught behind the Inn in Goldshire when your skill is as well low.


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