Cabal alz and Classes Methods (part two)

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Cabal alz and Classes Methods (part two) Empty Cabal alz and Classes Methods (part two)

Post  asdfe on Tue Nov 12, 2013 11:03 am

Force Archer is extremely comparable as wizards. Force Archers wield Crystals within the identical way as wizards wield Orbs. Crystals grant significantly less magic energy but loads of accuracy. They utilize a well balanced armor granting comparable dodge and Def price. Force archer wields Cheap Cabal Alz and magic to get in touch with up an "astral bow" out of their crystals. Astral bows look pretty cool and can assist amplify there ability's. In addition they act just like the cleric/ healer class producing them a totally capable combat enabled medic.

Force Blader can be a sword/ magic hybrid. Force Bladers make use of the nicely balanced armor as well, additionally they wield an orb on there left wrist when employing a 1 hand sword in there appropriate hand. This grants them the advantage of ranged magic attacks to wield the foes gets close and they beat together with the sword. They're in a position to enchant there sword with lighting, Dragon Nest gold News, magic, and fire among other things. They may be a nicely balanced class indeed.

Force Shielder may be the very best tanking class ever. Force Shielders wield heavy armor, a 1 hand sword and orb. They wield the crystals/ orb to call uo a shield created up of pure force/ magic. This grants them insane hp and def. with heavy armor, higher base def, at the same time as a shield made of pure magic energy. It is possible to news Buy Cabal Alz from us with fast delivery. They're the most beneficial tank anyone could ever want. And they are in a position to master a ability which can turn the shield into a weapon in later level.

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